Rollercoaster? Was that it? or what?

photo: netwalkerz_net

Okay, I feel a little lost here. Already on February 16th I wondered how long the rally was going to last, then – despite a sharp decline in the German IFO index – announced on February 23, the hausse kept going – into March.  To sum it up, despite ongoing bad news from the world economy, stocks (at least in Europe and the US) and commodities have rallied since 11 February: „Rollercoaster? Was that it? or what?“ weiterlesen

Economic Rollercoaster

Looping Roller Coaster

weak economic data from China & Japan – and stocks rise…

Despite negative “hard” facts about the Chinese (here) and Japanese Economy (here), stocks soared: The Nikkei gained more than 7%, the DAX 2.7% and the Dow Jones still nearly 1%. I would call this an economic rollercoaster – enjoy the ride while it lasts…