Not too surprising: German IFO index stagnates


Today, the IFO-institute stated that

„The Ifo Business Climate Index for German industry and trade dropped to 106.6 points in April from 106.7 points in March. Although companies were somewhat less satisfied with their current situation, their business expectations brightened once again.“

This is not too surprising (for Germans, but probably for everyone else), since the German economy seems to be a little decoupled from the rest of the world economy for some time now: With an unemployment rate of 6.5% in March 2016, Germany shows a robust job-market, even if experts do not see a further decline for the rest of the year due to the refugees now flowing into the job market. Also, the German economy shows a robust if small growth (at least compared to other countries), with now a projected growth rate of about or above 1.5% for 2016. „Not too surprising: German IFO index stagnates“ weiterlesen

Geldwäsche – oder: wie die Medien NICHT in die Tiefe gehen…


Die „Welt“ schreibt ja ab und an sehr gute Wirtschaftsartikel. Auch über den Londoner Immobilienmarkt. So konnte man in einem Artikel vom 28. Mai 2015 (hier) über den volkswirtschaftlichen Schaden lesen, der durch die hohen Immobilienpreise in der britischen Metropole eintreten würde. „Geldwäsche – oder: wie die Medien NICHT in die Tiefe gehen…“ weiterlesen