Morning Briefing 11. September 2019 – Fonds // Unternehmensanleihen // NPL

Guten Morgen,

Für alle, die sich gestern gewundert haben, warum die Märkte plötzlich ins Plus drehten, hier die Meinung von Zerohedge dazu (mehr hier):

„…, what helped send European equity markets and US equity futures back in the green after an overnight slump that pushed the Emini from 2,985 to 2,965, was news that China removed one more hurdle for foreign investment into its capital markets almost 20 years after it first allowed access, when Beijing scrapped quotas for approved foreign institutional investors in domestic bond and equity markets. This means that all those WeWork bagholders who may have lost a majority of their investments, can no go ahead and lose the other have by investing in China, where the auditors have a habit of „community adjusting“ everything.

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