Morning Briefing 15 August 2018 – Special on start-ups

warnemünde 2018
(Source: Schatzi)

Note: On a special request, I translated my original MB, which can be found here.

Good Morning,

Today I present a special on the economic „Circle of Life“ – namely start-ups. As I regularly point out (here), the score between newly founded companies („start-ups“) and corporate liquidations has been negative in Germany for years (here). 

Accordingly, the curent hype about start-ups in Germany obscures the problem of an actually „aging“ corporate landscape. This development is also evident from the fact that Germany once – in the 19th and early 20th century – was a pioneer in the then promising industrial areas such as chemistry, mechanical engineering or electrical engineering, while in the current revolution – digitization – it is not dominant (rather: Germany plays no significant role in it).

But, seriosuly: Does it still give you the thrills if you hear „digitization“? To me, not anymore. Linked-In alone provides my with an everyday overdose of all the terms associated with it such as „disruption,“ „agility,“ or „blockchain“. Andreas Matthis has provided on Link-In, at least for me, a good reason for the ebbing enthusiasm: „Heat waves, fires, sudden heavy rain and storms … and humanity is completely overwhelmed with these events. Because we fell behind technologically. The focus is increasingly on virtual reality and the real life we ​​experience every day on run-down roads, 19th and 20th century technologies or questionable hospital and nursing home designs is left aside. Intelligence looks different“ (

So, let’s hope that besides the great, digital, agile start-ups, a few more „normal“ companies will emerge and become established in the market.


Alternatively, the good economic situation „slows down“ potential company founders ….


… or the German administration …


But some manage to become at least German „unicorns“ …. Let’s hope for more!

History: 1856: The United States Congress passes the Guano Islands Act, according to which an island containing bird excrement (guano) belongs to American territory as soon as a US citizen finds such an island, unless it belongs to the territory of another nation and is not inhabited (from:

I wish you a good start into the day!

Best wishes,


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