Not too surprising: German IFO index stagnates


Today, the IFO-institute stated that

„The Ifo Business Climate Index for German industry and trade dropped to 106.6 points in April from 106.7 points in March. Although companies were somewhat less satisfied with their current situation, their business expectations brightened once again.“

This is not too surprising (for Germans, but probably for everyone else), since the German economy seems to be a little decoupled from the rest of the world economy for some time now: With an unemployment rate of 6.5% in March 2016, Germany shows a robust job-market, even if experts do not see a further decline for the rest of the year due to the refugees now flowing into the job market. Also, the German economy shows a robust if small growth (at least compared to other countries), with now a projected growth rate of about or above 1.5% for 2016. „Not too surprising: German IFO index stagnates“ weiterlesen

German economy: IFO business climate index, tax revenues on the rise

While I have commented on several signs of a possible economic decline on Linked-In and here, the German economy seems to walk through these calamities rather undisturbed: „German economy: IFO business climate index, tax revenues on the rise“ weiterlesen

Ifo Business Climate Index Drops Sharply (again)

The renown German Ifo-Institute issued its monthly business climate index for February 2016 today and it fell for the third time in a row. The index now stands at 105.7 points (coming from 107.3 in January and 108.6 in December 2015, for further details cf. my previous post). „Ifo Business Climate Index Drops Sharply (again)“ weiterlesen

IFO business climate index falls for second time

According to figures published today, the so-called IFO business climate index fell for the second time in a row in January 2016. Although the decline is rather moderate (from 108.6 to 107.3), the sentiment stands in stark contrast to the press statements made in December – signalling a strong confidence in business growth for 2016 (cf. here). Seemingly, „confidence“ might be swept away more easily than most people thought of in the end of 2015….

Neue Finanzkrise voraus?

Seit einiger Zeit mehren sich die Zeichen für eine neuerliche (oder nur das Aufflammen der alten?) Finanzkrise. So warnte Die Welt jüngst vor mehreren „gigantischen“ Kreditblasen, die FAZ vor Spannungen an den Finanzmärkten, die eine neue Krise ankündigen würden. Auch wenn die Insolvenzzahlen noch sinken, spricht doch einiges tatsächlich für einen nahenden Crash: „Neue Finanzkrise voraus?“ weiterlesen