Ifo Business Climate Index Drops Sharply (again)

The renown German Ifo-Institute issued its monthly business climate index for February 2016 today and it fell for the third time in a row. The index now stands at 105.7 points (coming from 107.3 in January and 108.6 in December 2015, for further details cf. my previous post). „Ifo Business Climate Index Drops Sharply (again)“ weiterlesen

„Die Zeit“ in den Fängen von Lobbyisten?

Am letzten Wochenende konnte man in Zeit-Online, einen Artikel von Christian Odendahl unter der Überschrift „Es gibt kein Grundrecht auf Bargeld“ lesen. Weniger interessant als der – nach dieser Überschrift erwartbare – Inhalt ist, dass die Zeit den Beitrag zwar als „Gastbeitrag“ kennzeichnet, aber nicht angibt, wer Christian Odendahl ist. „„Die Zeit“ in den Fängen von Lobbyisten?“ weiterlesen

Economic Rollercoaster

Looping Roller Coaster

weak economic data from China & Japan – and stocks rise…

Despite negative “hard” facts about the Chinese (here) and Japanese Economy (here), stocks soared: The Nikkei gained more than 7%, the DAX 2.7% and the Dow Jones still nearly 1%. I would call this an economic rollercoaster – enjoy the ride while it lasts…

Baltic Dry Index – really a sign for the coming bust?

08.02.16 – Today, the Baltic Dry Index (BDIY) stands at 293 points – coming from its all-time high of 11,793 points on 20 May 2008 and from its “last-time high” of 2,330 points on 13 December 2014. Currently it seems that this index is in line with the downward movement of other indicators, like commodities, bonds, etc. However, does this correlative movement make the BDIY really a reliable (leading) crisis indicator? „Baltic Dry Index – really a sign for the coming bust?“ weiterlesen